NEA 2014 DX100 at its close approach

NEA 2014 DX100 at its close approach

On this page, you will learn about near-Earth asteroids approaching the Earth for a close encounter in the near future. Details are provided for some of them in the sub-menus.

Some of these asteroids have been just discovered while others are doing a new apparition in the sky. Sometimes, a large uncertainty on its position can make hard to predict the exact position of a given object in the sky: it just mean that if you point the telescope at the nominal position given by the ephemerides, likely you will not find it there.

This does not mean it is a “dangerous” asteroid, but just that we do not exactly know its orbit. If the asteroid is not on the predicted position, it does NOT mean it is going to hit us!

This section will also provide star maps showing where a given near-Earth asteroid can be seen in the sky, when particularly bright and easy to locate with small scopes.

 For a quick glance, below is a list of close approaching asteroids, from the Minor Planet Center. In the table below, distance is given in “lunar distances” (LD): 1 LD corresponds to the mean distance of the Moon, that is about 384.000 km.