The Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (4179) Toutatis

The Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (4179) Toutatis

Below you will find some the most interesting close approaching asteroids of 2014 (after 11 Mar. 2014, the date this service was started), explicitly covered by Asteroid Live.

We decided to cover with live views objects coming closer than 10 lunar distances, that is about 4 millions of km from the Earth, visible from our location in Central Italy. In some cases, we list asteroids not scheduled for live views (because not visible from our site), but going to have an interesting close approach.

Each asteroid entry will show a summary of its physical and orbital data, including an interactive orbit visualization (orrery).

Data shown on each of the following pages are the ones available at the date and time when the page itself was created.

From time to time,  given page will be updated and this will be explicitly mentioned.

Please note that the objects listed here will constantly increase, as new asteroids will be discovered and old ones recovered.

Data used here are from both the Minor Planet Center and Near Earth Object Program

Main near-Earth Asteroids of 2014 (Last Updated: 29 Mar. 2014)

* = a live view is scheduled


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