Venus and Mercury above S. Peter Dome, Rome

Venus and Mercury above S. Peter Dome, Rome

The Virtual Telescope Project, powering “Asteroid Live”, is a volunteer effort aimed to bring the wonders of the Universe to everyone, without any social, cultural and economical barrier. It was a dream now made real.

Since its birth in 2006, the Virtual Telescope shared the beauty of the sky with a very huge number of individuals all over the world, including growing countries, disadvantaged communities, hospitals and prisons. All these social and humanitarian activities (as well as the largest part of our online events) are free of charges.

But of course such a project has several costs to be covered, so we  welcome donations.

The Virtual Telescope has absolutely no funding by any institution, so your support is very precious.

From this page, you can support us by donations. If you like what we do, if you’ve found your experience with us well worth your contribution, we welcome your help.


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