A lot of people are ready for NEA 2014 DX110

A lot of people are ready for NEA 2014 DX110

Asteroid Live” started in March 2014, as an idea of the Virtual Telescope Project. Its goal is to share close approaching asteroids live, online, with people worldwide.

We want to provide correct information about these celestial bodies, often misunderstood by people, who fear they will collide with the Earth.

Plenty of wrong information is around, making impossible to non-astronomer to have a correct vision; we hope that our service will help understanding what is the right place of asteroids in nature and science.

You will discover asteroids are a precious resource for us in understanding the evolution of our planetary system and close approachers are an unique opportunity to study the smallest ones.

We plan to cover live all the near-Earth Asteroids coming closer than 10 lunar distances, almost 3.8 millions of km and visible from our location in Central Italy.

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Fax: +39 07751800175

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